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Woyome, Waterville conspiracy uncovered


Joy News has intercepted a document suggesting Waterville Holdings joined forces with businessman Alfred Agbesi Woyome to sue the state for damages over alleged abrogation of contract.

The 26 November, 2010 document stated unequivocally the two parties will jointly pursue government for the damages and share the proceeds.

The document is a palpable contradiction to a press conference held last week by the Managing Director of Waterville, Andreas Orlandi, in which he stated that Woyome independently pursued government for the damages paid him.

“Mr. Alfred Woyome separately and independently of Waterville, made his claim against the government. Waterville is not interested in Woyome’s claim,” Orlandi told newsmen.

But the intercepted document from Waterville and subsequent developments on the issue pointed to the opposite.

Waterville and Woyome agreed to jointly pursue government and were successful in their pursuit.

They went into mediation with government and per a 13th October, 2010 document agreed an amount of €25 million which was to be paid in five month installments of €5 million each.

Woyome and Waterville again agreed that the former would be entitled to €940,000 of every €5million paid every month.

It is not clear if Woyome was paid his share of the amount.

Alfred Woyome was awarded some ¢51 million in judgement debt in relation to the same disputed abrogation of contract for the construction of stadia for the CAN 2008.

The payment provoked huge public outcry which led to the arrest and subsequent prosecution of Woyome on charges of fraud.

A state Attorney, Samuel Nerquaye Tetteh and his wife are facing prosecution on matters relating to the payments to Woyome.

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