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Fulani herdsmen describe Ghana Police as fowls they control with maize

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Aboam (E/R), May9, GNA - Farmers in the Kwahu South and Kwahu East districts who are harassed by armed Fulani herdsmen have alleged that the herdsmen had been making mockery of them whenever they threatened to report them to the police.

       “Whenever the Fulani herdsmen lead their cattle to destroy our farms and we threaten to report to the police they make mockery of us by saying that our police are like fowls they throw maize at and they go for it.”

        The farmers made the allegation when Mr. Victor Smith, the Eastern Regional Minister, in the company with members of the Regional Security Council, held a meeting with the farmers at Aboam on Tuesday following the killings last week of a farmer and his son by Fulani herdsmen.

         The farmers alleged that true to their words, whenever the cattle of the Fulanis destroyed their farms and they went to the police station to make a complaint they the farmers were more often locked up in police cells.

           The farmers said due to the killings and harassments by the Fulanis, they could not go to their farms, nor could their children go to school because the cattle sometimes occupied the roads that lead to the schools.

      They cited several instances where the Fulanis went to threaten children in school to keep quiet because their shouts were disturbing their “sleeping cattle.”

        They said due to harassment by Fulani herdsmen they could not go to farm and had to travel to the nearby towns to buy food and even some had abandoned their villages.

      Mr Smith told the farmers that  the government would not allow any investor either a Ghanaian or a foreigner to harass other citizens and residents in the country because of their investment.

      He appealed to all those who had deserted their villages to return and assured them of the protection of the security personnel and the determination of the government to ensure that everybody was free to pursue his or her work in peace without any disruption.

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