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Bible Society of Ghana to register as a company limited



Accra, Aug. 30, GNA - Management of the Bible Society of Ghana (BSG) on Thursday agreed to register the society as a company limited by guarantee to get the opportunity to register with the Accra Metropolitan Assembly to access exemption from the payment of property rate.

     Mrs Elizabeth Taylor Sampson, Administration and Human Resource Manager of BSG said the society, since its establishment, was registered under the Trustees Incorporation Act, 1962 (ACT 106) and has not been beneficial because it is not included in the database of companies at the Registrar General’s Department (RGD).
     Mrs Sampson said this at its Annual General Meeting in Accra.
     She noted that the society registration under the Trustees Incorporation Act had lost its relevance due to fact that every business organization whether for profit or non-profit has to be registered at the RGD.
     Mrs Elizabeth said when the company is registers as a company limited by guarantee it would also give the society a platform to access funds from development agencies and gain inclusion in the database of credible non-governmental organizations in the country.
     Mr Erasmus Odonkor, General Secretary of BSG, presenting the 2011 Annual Report said the society had launched the new Ewe translation bible in February 2012 and is available for sale across the country.
     Mr Odonkor said the society in June 2012 organized the first seminar for Pastors, Lay preachers, Bible teachers and Evangelists to help interpret and teach the Bible with a more informed mind and approach.
     He said the society celebrated the 2011 Bible Week throughout the country under the theme: “God’s Word: Still Transforming Lives” with donations amounting to GH¢ 248,836.71.
     Mr Odonkor said it had formed a project dubbed “Faith Comes by Hearing” to offer opportunity to the growing non-literate and literate with scriptures in their own languages and provide scriptures in audio to facilitate easy access to the scripture.
     He said the society has introduced the one million Bibles project, where 55,318 Bibles were distributed in 2011, bringing the total distributed under the project to 815,901 and that there were a stock of 23,768 Bibles yet to be distributed at the end of the year.
     Mr Timothy A. Osei, Managing Partner for O.A.K Chartered Accountant, presenting the statement of income for the year ended 31st December 2011, said the gross income in 2011 was GH¢ 1,886,585 and GHc 1,239,503 in 2010.
     Mr Osei added that the income deficit for the year before donations in 2011 was GH¢232, 076 and GH¢ 170,058 in 2010 and the total comprehensive surplus for the year in 2011 was GH¢ 766,493 and GH¢ 665,618 in 2010.
      He noted that the balance as at 31st December 2011 for accumulated fund was GH¢ 3,526,322 and a capital surplus of GH¢ 620,915.

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