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NDC must re-engage and focus on its core values – Rawlings



Kumasi, Aug 30, GNA – Former President Jerry John Rawlings has appealed to  the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to re-engage and focus on its core values of truth, honesty, integrity and justice.

        He said it should not be lost on the members and supporters that they had always won elections and built the nation on those values.
        He was addressing the extraordinary national delegates’ congress of the party in Kumasi to approve President John Dramani Mahama as its presidential candidate for the December elections at the Baba Yara Stadium in Kumasi.
       A total of 2,665 delegates from across the country gathered at the venue to perform the task.
       Former President Rawlings said the NDC was at a crucial crossroads – delicate and complex.
      He described the confirmation of the President’s candidature as the first hurdle he must scale and that his victory in the coming polls would depend on how quickly he restores integrity to the presidency, government and the party.
      The damage to the party’s cherished principles and credibility, he said, must have to be stopped.
      Clearly unhappy about what he described as the uncivilized tendency to insult and vilify those who had sacrificed for the survival of the party only to turn round to placate them just for political expediency, he said, was an insult to the intelligence of the people.
       Former President Rawlings said the NDC is composed of people of different political persuasion, groups and interests and therefore it was important that the contribution of all interests is recognized.  
      He said it was important to show civility towards each other.
      Former President Rawlings said Ghana is a country many were proud to die for but wondered if under the prevailing political climate the same could be said.
      In what appeared to be a thinly veiled hint that he might not be actively involved in the electioneering campaign as he had done in the past, he said those sitting in the comfort of their homes, offices and outside the country waiting for others to do the job to also hit the campaign trail.
      They should hit the ground running and “I wish them well.”
       Meanwhile, voting is under way to either accept or reject President Mahama as flag-bearer. He would need to receive 50% of the votes plus one vote.

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